ODARA is a Brazilian brand that produces and sells exclusively designed jewelry using only the most splendid metal, gold and silver.  Odara jewelry is 100 % hand-made in Brazil.  Odara uses a variety of goldsmith techniques, often with one of a kind stones, to achieve original designs that set them apart from the mainstream market.


We at Odara travel throughout Brazil in search of the most unique and beautiful gemstones for our jewelry.  Our main focus is the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, where we find quality gems like tourmalines, aquamarines, topaz, amethysts, agates and crystal quartz.


The designs of Odara jewelry draw inspiration from Brazil’s rich artistic and cultural history.  We fuse inspiration from the formal art movements which most profoundly impacted our culture – especially the Baroque of the 16th century and the Modern movements of the 20th century – with a cultural character unique to Brazil.

Our country’s art is based in a unique mix of the western traditions and the spice of African culture.  The continued arrival of immigrants from all over the world has added a hybrid and irreverent character to Brazilian culture.  It is precisely this character we strive to impart to our designs.


 The word “Odara” derives from the Brazilian indigineous Ioruba word dara, meaning “gorgeous.”  The word also appears in other languages, such as Japanese and Hindi, a term always linked with happiness.

Odara” is frequently used today in afro-Brazilian expressions and music.  It has come to signify the idea of supreme beauty associated with all that's good, great, positive.

"Ficar odara," or “to become odara,” in Portuguese means to become spiritually and ritually prepared to connect to the gods, to become in harmony with the earth and the heavens.