Two designers, two different visions, and a common objective: to translate into jewelry their enthusiasm for their craft.

Rachel Sabbagh, who was born in and now lives in Rio, spent  her  childhood in the     state of Minas Gerais. She grew up immerse in the  world of gemstone business, in which her family was pioneering,  discovering and commercializing the local wonders of nature found  in the outskirts of the city. Everything contributed to Rachel´s launch into the world of jewelry, starting with the studies at the  GIA_Gemological  Institute of   America, in California, where she  graduated in Design and Jewelry Manufacturing Arts.  Returning to Brazil, she worked for the companies of great prestige, such as H.Stern  and Antonio Bernardo. During her time at these companies, she implemented   a strict  criteria and original method in the development of the jewelry, modernizing processes and professionalizing the manpower throughout her 30 year career.

Isabela Drummond was born in Minas Gerais, but grew up in Rio. The view of Design as expression of form exerted a strong influence early in her professional decisions. Her education started in the Superior ESDI-School of Industrial Design, which was the first school of design in Brazil, an heir to the German Bauhaus. The ESDI, following the European tradition, stimulated experimentalism and workshop experience. In search of a more specific definition of her professional route, she continued her education at the BJO_École de Orfevrérie and Bijouterie in Paris; this was her introduction into the world of jewelry manufacturing. Upon returning to Brazil, Isabela started working in 1989 with Antonio Bernardo, whose work she already regarded with deep admiration. AS his assistant, she had productive years of inspiration and perspiration, participating ih the creation of the jewelry as well as following all the conceptual and aestetic projects.

It was there that Isabela and Rachel met and grew together  as partners.

ODARA was born of a search for a new challenge for these artists, with freedom to express in their jewelry all the experience they had acquired throughout their careers.